EO-Learning is the e-learning platform dedicated to the world of remote sensing and Earth Observation, and it is part of the activities of Planetek Academy.

The goal is to spread the knowledges, in order to understand which data we can acquire by satellite and how to access them, to discover their numerous application in several fields, and to encourage the development of innovative solutions.

The platform is intended for all the users interested in remote sensing and geospatial data, from students and researchers needing to learn and to develop their studies, to public and private players that can benefit from data and applications in numerous fields: environmetal and land monitoring, territorial planning and administration, defense and security, engineering and constructions, transports, utilities and energy, food resources and many more.

Planetek Group

The Planetek group consists of 4 companies.

In addition to the Planetek Italia s.r.l. parent company, Planetek Hellas EPE and two university spin-offs, GAP s.r.l. and GEO-K s.r.l., also belong to the group.

Planetek Italia is an Italian Benefit Company that have been working worldwide since 1994 in the field of Earth Observation, operating in all its phases, from data acquisition to the development of solutions based on geospatial data.
Since 2022 it is part of the Copernicus Academy network and of the EO4GEO Alliance. By joining the internatonal network Planetek consolidates its long-standing commitment to disseminating knowledge on Earth Observation, Geomatics and Geoinformation.

Planetek Hellas was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Athens, Greece. The company provides solutions in the field of Geomatics, involving the use of E.O. data and systems for environmental monitoring, urban planning and civil protection.

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